• Carroll County dog/cat assistance: The Fix Fido and Sewell program is available to those in Carroll county who are currently on any form of government assistance. There is a $20 co-pay for surgery. Please inform us at time of scheduling if this program applies to you if not, you will be responsible for the full amount. You must provide proof of the assistance as well as some form of identification.
  • S.P.O.T: A nonprofit organization providing assistance to anyone who qualifies. There are no residential restrictions, please contact S.P.O.T directly at 404-584-7768. They will send us a voucher if you qualify. Please keep in mind it could take up to two weeks for a response. If we do not have the certificate from SPOT for your animal on the day of surgery, you will be responsible for the full amount.
  • SpayGeorgia: SpayGeorgia provides low-cost spay/neuter certificates at an affordable price. This program is intended for people who need partial financial assistance in order to have their own pets spayed or neutered. Please contact them directly at 770-662-4479 or email to spay@spayGA.org.
  • Fix A Bull: Fix A Bull provides financial assistance for the spay/neuter surgery of pit bulls. Owners requesting assistance should send an email to: fixabullprogram@yahoo.com. Owners should include the following information in their email...name of the dog, sex (male/female), age and approximate weight. If assistance is approved, the Fix A Bull Program will notify WGSNC. If we have not received their notification prior to the schedule surgery day, the owner will be required to pay the full amount.
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